Meet Our STAFF

Nicole Hardman

Studio Owner / Teacher

Creative Dance, Tap, Jazz & Ballet

"My dance experience started at 4 years old when I took a tap/ballet class at my local community center. At the age of 10 I joined a dance studio and participated in tap, jazz & ballet, performing in annual performances and competitions. My love for dance continued into college, where I majored in Dance Education. During my years at Brigham Young University, I had opportunities to perform in educational outreach programs both locally and in New York inner city schools. While on the east coast, I participated in a collaboration with Temple University performing at the Dance and the Child International conference. The following year I was able to attend the DACI conference in The Hague, Netherlands where I presented research to other dance educators involving the positive effects of dance for the development of our youth. I firmly believe that art, music and dance can enhance a child's educational, emotional, physical and social development. Teaching dance brings me so much joy!"

Melissa Franz


Ballet, Tap & Jazz

"My name is Melissa Franz and I have been dancing since I was 3 years old! I have danced for 17 years and have been teaching dance for the last 5 years. I love working with children and watching how dance helps them develop self-confidence and unlocks their artistic creativity. I have taught ballet, hip-hop, and musical theater. I have performed in Broadway pieces, musicals, and other performing arts, and I love them all! I am a mother to two children and a director for a daycare center. I am also a vocal coach and a trained opera singer. The arts are just my forte and working with children is my passion. I look forward to working with your children in the upcoming dance year."

Amaya Nicolas


Hip Hop, Jazz

"My name is Amaya Nicolas. I am a senior at Fernley High School. I have experience in jazz, hip hop and pom. I am a member of the FHS dance team and it is what inspired me to pursue my dance career. I am very passionate about dance and I am looking forward to sharing my love for it with others!"

  Jamen Workman



"My name is Jamen Workman. I am 18 years old and a senior at Fernley High School. I started learning to read music in the first grade and started playing percussion when I got into the third grade. I have played with the FHS jazz band, concert band and marching band. I have also performed in church as well as for our dancers at Fernley Performing Arts. Music is my passion and I plan to attend college for music education. 

Sophie Workman

Assistant Teacher

Ballet, Creative, Jazz

"My name is Sophie Workman and I started dance when I was 2 years old. I have been dancing for 13 years now. I have been helping teach children ages 3 - 8 for the past few years and I absolutely love it! I have experience in ballet, jazz, and tap. I am currently a sophomore at Fernley High School. I love staying in shape and being active. I have participated in soccer, cheerleading, dance team, wrestling and track at my school. I also enjoy babysitting and love spending time with little kids."

Molly Wilkinson

Assistant Teacher

Hip Hop

"My name is Molly Wilkinson. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. Dance is something I have loved for a very long time. I have started to teach dance to younger kids and absolutely love it! I have been an assistant teacher for almost a year now. I love kids and love the opportunity to spend time with them. I am very excited for this year, it is going to be fun!"

Mirandy Lewis

Office Manager